Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Frizz

Update on the frizzle rooster - he is doing well living in the sunroom. New feathers are sprouting out all over him - it will be awhile still until they will keep him warm. He usually starts crowing about 6:30 in the morning - talking to his buds down at the coop. I talk chicken with him in the afternoon when I come home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frizzle rooster

Wow, almost lost the little Black Frizz bantam rooster. He only had about half his feather and this morning he was almost dead - the other bantams had picked almost all his feathers off! The emperature was -4 degrees for the second night in a row. He was still breathing, but only slightly moving. Took him inside and put him in a box with a heating pad - that was at 9:00am. At noon he was standing up and eating! I guess he will have to be a house rooster until his feathers grow back. I wonder if I could knit a sweater for him :)
The Frizz seems to like his sunny spot in the sunroom. He started crowing yesterday afternoon when he heard the other roosters outside. Hope he doesn't start this at 4:00 in the mornings!