Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting ready for winter

We've been enjoying the nice fall weather while rushing to get everything ready for winter. Our first taste of winter came on Friday Oct 4 with 3 inches of snow and a very cold frosty day. The new barn hadn't been totally winterized yet and was a bit drafty. The sudden cold caught as off guard and realized how much still needed to be done. The hose was frozen and I hadn't plugged in the water heaters. Many of the goats came down with a cold - been treating them with essential oils and they are much better now. Had not received the winter supply of hay yet either. That supply started showing up on last Tuesday. The new "Garage in a Box" shed are now full. Three hundred bales each (that's about 15 tons). Still need about 3-400 more before we are totally stocked for the winter.