Sunday, July 3, 2016

Adopt A Goat

I've been trying to figure out ways to support the goats on this farm. The current milkers pay for their feed, but the pet wethers, kids, and retired ladies do not. The cost of feed, minerals, essential oils - for health and the occasional vet bill is becoming cost prohibitive. It is important to me to care for these goats for their entire lives. When I make the commitment to keep a kid, that means I'm committing to 14-17 years. Not only do I have a dairy farm, but I allow the old retired goats to live out the rest of their lives in this peaceful home. Goats develop life time relationships with other goats and are very stressed when they are removed from their friends and clan. This is why I try to not sell anyone, particularly the older goats.

So I have created an "Adopt a Goat" program to help with expenses. Have you ever wanted to own a goat, but have no place to keep them? Well here is your chance. I'm offering subscriptions to Adopt A Goat. It costs a minimum of $55 per month to feed and care for an adult goat. There are 3 levels of adoption: Helper $10/month, Maintainer $50/ month or Sustainer $100/month. There is also the option of a one time year payment with a discount off of the monthly payment.

The benefits to you:

Helper Level - This level will feed your goat for about one week

1. Knowing you are helping care for loving goat so she/he can stay with her family.

2. Yearly visits to the farm to bond with your goat.

3. Photos and your goat's special history.

Maintainer Level- This level will feed your goat for one month

1. The above benefits

2. You get to choose who you want to adopt from the available goats.

2. Monthly updates on your goat

3. Two bars of goat milk soap

Sustainer Level: - This level will feed your goat and help pay for herd vet bills

1. The above benefits

2. Monthly visits to the farm to bond with your goat.

3. Four bars of Full Moon infused goat milk soap.

4. Special invites to attend events in the life of your goat (birthings etc)

5. At the end of your goats life you have the option of receiving some of their cremated remains.

Adopted goats will remain on the farm of Westfarm Goats to be cared for and loved for their entire life.

To Adopt A Goat Click on the Subscribe button in the sidebar.
There seems to be a problem with the Subscribe button - I'm trying to figure it out.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weather for the Open Barn

Temperature should be in the mid 50s tomorrow for the Open Barn Event. Slight chance of rain showers. Mud is slimey and over ankle deep in places, but the snow has melted. Come prepared!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Open Barn Event

Goat Kids have arrived!
If you’d like to visit the goat farm this spring here’s your opportunity.
When: Sunday April 24 from 1-4pm
In case of questionable weather check my blog or FB page that morning for confirmation of the event. There may be some showers that day and lots of mud - come prepared.

For directions or questions email: or PM Westfarm Goats Milk Soap FB page

Wear: old clothes (you will get hoof prints on them) old closed-toe shoes (no sandals) or boots (it could be icky mud), long pants (I don’t recommend shorts). Goats like to chew on dangly strings, long hair and zipper pulls.

Children are welcome, but no dogs

Westfarm Goats’ Milk Soap will be available for purchase at a sale price of $5 each that day only. Try my new Full Moon soaps.
A limited quantity of other goodies will be available for purchase.


Sunday, March 20, 2016


Well you could have fooled me. It was 11 degrees this morning as the sun was coming up. The elk herd was moving through looking for food. It has snowed the last two days. Although we need the moisture to reduce wildfire danger later. AND that is why spring is my least favorite season!

Monday, March 14, 2016

More early kids

Snowdrop and her brother were born on January 12.

Snow Babies are doing well. Next kids are due the first week of April.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Unseasonable kids

When I opened Arlo's new barn on Sunday morning (Jan 3), everyone ran out and THEN I heard a tiny baby voice!  Total surprise - didn't realize anyone in this area was that pregnant. So I gathered up the dry fluffy baby and wandered around trying to find the mother. No one was claiming him, they were all stuffing their faces. Finally noticed a little discharge from Helen and then she fessed up and claimed him.  Mother and son are doing fine.
Thosetwolittle bucks were busy when they did their escaping in August....
Beatrix is also due in the next couple of week.

Will have to keep a closer eye on everyone for a couple weeks! Hoping no other surprises. The scheduled kids are due in April.