Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter egg soaps

Lime or Tangerine Easter egg soaps are now available! They are packaged in bright spring colored organza gift bags. Visit my website to purchase them http://www.westfarmgoats.com/

Flower soaps for Mother's Day and Spring will be available April 1.

Who would have thought...

Lilac was in heat, so I put her in with Stewart (the large white nubian buck) and she ran from him. So I think she needs a few more hours before being receptive. That evening I try again. Again she runs from him. This is weird, I know she's in heat. But then I notice she is making eyes at Hans (the young Alpine buck). So in she goes with Hans. This time she just stands there and lets him breed her. So a doe with discriminating tastes, never would have thought that would happen. Is it because Stewart is big, smelly and aggressive; whereas Hans is still small and doesn't stink as badly. Or is it that Lilac wants spotted kids instead of white?????

Friday, March 18, 2011

Be very, very quiet

That is what Mattie said as she sat motionless by the barn door a bull elk standing about 25 feet away munching on some old hay. She was very relieved when I finished chores and picked her up to head back to the house. THAT WAS SCARY! ( I was only a few feet away keeping an eye on things, just in case....)

St Patty's Day lights

The goats chewed up the green St. Patrick's Day lights I had strung along the chicken yard! I had opened the chicken gate slightly to let them into the corrals. But there are four mischievous kids who squeezed through into the chicken yard - Firefly, Junebug, and Brigitt's two boys. The pulled the cord through and chewed about 2 feet of the lights off. I think they chewed the green bulbs too! I checked to see if anyone was bleeding, hopefully there won't be any problems, but I'll keep a close eye on them. Well at least the lights weren't plugged in!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bernadette's Worldview

I'm Bernadette- queen of the cats at Westfarm. Many of you have known my presence in the barn. WELL, now Lori has finally allowed me to move inside the house, since I'm getting older, my joints are stiff and I can't run from predators as well anymore. I thought she'd never get around to this - I'm so MUCH happier now. I even get canned k/d cat food (to help my kidneys)! So I tolerate hanging out with Horace and Sage without too much grumbling.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hans and Lars

When Hans came to live here last September, he was only 4 months old, so he moved in with Lars. Throughout the fall there was some basic goat wrestling between these two bucks. Lars was very tolerant of the new new guy. Then came breeding season.....
The wrestling became much more aggressive, although no one seemed to be getting hurt. I didn't want to separate them yet as it was really cold. However Hans keeps getting bigger, he probably weights the same as Lars, just not as tall. Hans is a swiss alpine, so he will eventually be more the size of Stewart. The weather became very nice around Valentine's Day, so I decided a move was in store. Lars moved to Kendal's old house and Hans stayed in their apartment. After a week of Hans making a big fuss every night after being closed up, they both have adjusted and seem happy to have their own quarters. I think Lars is particularly glad to be rid of the "kid".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Damn Skunk!

A skunk has taken up residence under the goat barn. I smelled it the second I stepped into the hay barn yesterday morning. It kept sending out fragrance while I was milking. Almost made me sick. Hopefully the neighborhood is too noisy during the day for it to sleep and it will move on.