Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hans and Lars

When Hans came to live here last September, he was only 4 months old, so he moved in with Lars. Throughout the fall there was some basic goat wrestling between these two bucks. Lars was very tolerant of the new new guy. Then came breeding season.....
The wrestling became much more aggressive, although no one seemed to be getting hurt. I didn't want to separate them yet as it was really cold. However Hans keeps getting bigger, he probably weights the same as Lars, just not as tall. Hans is a swiss alpine, so he will eventually be more the size of Stewart. The weather became very nice around Valentine's Day, so I decided a move was in store. Lars moved to Kendal's old house and Hans stayed in their apartment. After a week of Hans making a big fuss every night after being closed up, they both have adjusted and seem happy to have their own quarters. I think Lars is particularly glad to be rid of the "kid".


  1. This is only the second time my husband and I have seen these structures you have for kenneling your goats. Can you please tell us what they're called and where we may find a possible source? Thanks!

  2. These houses are called Port-a-huts.
    I bought mine from a dealer in Loveland, CO.
    There are however more cons to these shelters than a wooden structure.
    1. they are colder in winter and hotter in summer
    2. the door design is horrible - the entire front is difficult to attach, the locking system has almost no give so can be hard to close if bedding is in the way

    On the other hand, they are relatively inexpensive, already made and very portable. No building or setup besides the front/door panel