Monday, June 16, 2014


Last November we planted winter wheat as an experiment to help feed the chickens.
I didn't know how well this would work but... there are now grain stocks appearing!

From a chicks view

What do you when you have large baby geese living in your quarters?

You use them as a nice fluffy mattress of course!

Goats on pasture

 Even the two bucks can get along together in the pasture.
I just love watching the goats in the pasture enjoying the nice greenery.

Chicken tractor

Tom made a wonderful chicken tractor. We're going to use it for the roosters when they get a little older.

We made a hoop house of sorts with flight netting to keep the young turkeys from flying out of their pen and as added protection from foxes.
 The chicken tractor was parked up next to the turkey pen to start them out on the pasture. I don't want to let them totally loose in the pasture yet as they might get lost in the tall grass.
 Even domestic turkeys can fly - at least when they are small.