Sunday, April 28, 2013

Open Barn

Had a very successful Open Barn yesterday. The weather was just perfect. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

More kid photos

During the snow storm on Wednesday five more kids were born. Iceni had triplets, as she always does.
 Meet Lemongrass, Ginger and their brother.

This is Kate. She and her brother were born about 3 hours after the triplets. Their mother Helen did just fine. She waited until I went in the house for a 45 minute break, then had them without any assistance. As a first time mom she is doing very well.

Shannon is due on Tuesday, but hope she has them this weekend. There is another storm predicted for Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rosie had twins

Rosie had twins on Thursday afternoon. A buck and a little doe named Rosemary.

This week Helen and Iceni are due.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Afternoon nap time

 The nursery at about noon in the warm sun.
 Marigold and Abilene
 Even the teenagers take a nap - Tina Twospots and Squirt share the bucket bed.
Strawberry cuddling with her twins.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barn Open House

Goat Kids are arriving! Fifteen as of right now.
If you’d like to visit the goat farm this spring here’s your opportunity

When: Saturday April 27, 1-4 pm - rain or snow date Saturday May 4 1-4pm
Where: Lori Tigner and Westfarm Goats
        6466 S High Drive, Morrison, CO
For directions email:
Wear: old clothes (they will get hoof prints on them), old closed toe shoes or boots (it could be muddy), long pants (I don’t recommend shorts)

Children are welcome, but no dogs

Will have Westfarm Goats products for sale: soap, cheese, eggs, knitted items

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last of the new kids for a few days

Avalon's girls are wearing jammies. The one in the gold and plaid is named Abigail. Her sister hasn't told me her name yet. Guess I need some better pictures of these two.
 Brigette and her first kid. This one had his front legs pointed backward. Although his nose and head were out, the rest didn't fit. I had to go inside to find a leg. Was able to hook an elbow and then pull the leg forward. With another that I was able to work him out. The second one came just fine. The two boys look identifical.

Chicken fun

More kid stuff

In this kid pile the two with denim coats are Yentl's boys.

 Brenda's girls have revealed their names to me now. The brown one above is Betsy. The white one is Apricot.

Need to get photos of Avalon's daughters. Will post later.
Now we are just waiting on Brigette. Hopefully she'll have hers today. Then no one is due until next Saturday. That would be Rosie - but she will probably be early too.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Latest in Spring Goat wear

Modeling this year's latest fashion for baby goats is the one and only MARIGOLD!
Goat jammies available in multiple colors..... The green coat may be worn separately.

Continuing kidding stories

Wednesday evening - Waiting around for Molly to kid. Molly is my bottle baby from two years ago, so I was nervous.

Glenn and Nancy were in attendance for Molly's delivery. At 8pm she had two lovely does born with just a little help.
 Meet Tasha (after the author Tasha Tudor) and
her sister Tabitha.

Thursday morning Molly's twin sister Brenda gives birth to two more does. Their sire is Nickolaus a nubian. The sire of all the other kids so far is Socrates the French Alpine. The people hauling manure away for Little Raven Farms helped with this delivery. These two girls have not revealed their names to me yet.
Yentl had twin bucks born Thursday evening during chore time and Avalon just had twin does at 2:15 this afternoon. More photos and stories later.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are you Happy Doing What you Do?

And now there are nine!

The kids are popping out here about every 12 hours, mostly mid morning and just before dark.
Easter Sunday 7:30 pm Strawberry had twins - a buck and a doe named Beatrix

Monday morning 7:00 am - Flower had been in labor a long time. I hadn't check frequently enough. She was worn out and the first kid a buck was stuck inside her - dead. But after pulling him out, here came a little doe (now known as Marigold). She was a bit cold so I brought her inside to warm up. Flower's legs had muscle fatigue and she had trouble standing. But now both are fine.

I'm now checking on the girls every 4-5 hours or more at night and every couple hours during the day. All of these does are first time mom's and all except Strawberry have had some trouble with the first kid.

Wed 9:00 am - DeJa (the human) is helping me with chores. She draws the lucky straw today as Marika goes into labor while she is still here. Marika delivers to bucks.

To be continued.... need to go check on Yentl.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's getting busy....

No time to post the stories but here are some photos.
 The one on the left is the girl. Her name is Beatrice , after the author Beatrix Potter who wrote the Tales of Peter Rabbit. We don't name the boys.
 This little one was born this morning - tough birth. Mother is Flower and is needing to rest. Little one was cold, but getting stronger. I think her name is Marigold.