Friday, April 5, 2013

Continuing kidding stories

Wednesday evening - Waiting around for Molly to kid. Molly is my bottle baby from two years ago, so I was nervous.

Glenn and Nancy were in attendance for Molly's delivery. At 8pm she had two lovely does born with just a little help.
 Meet Tasha (after the author Tasha Tudor) and
her sister Tabitha.

Thursday morning Molly's twin sister Brenda gives birth to two more does. Their sire is Nickolaus a nubian. The sire of all the other kids so far is Socrates the French Alpine. The people hauling manure away for Little Raven Farms helped with this delivery. These two girls have not revealed their names to me yet.
Yentl had twin bucks born Thursday evening during chore time and Avalon just had twin does at 2:15 this afternoon. More photos and stories later.

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