Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Even though we had almost two feet of snow we still went to visit at the Littleton Historical Museum dairy day. I went along to keep Gingerbread company. Mom Lori decided to take me and Gingerbread because we lead better than anyone else. BUT I didn't like being shut in the back of the Subaru with Gingerbread - I should have been up front with Mom Lori and Nancy. I don't really want to drive I just like to be with the people. So I complained loudly most of the trip. But the museum was fun - we walked around a lot and there were lots of people to pet me. I really like the little kids cause I can give them kisses in the face - hehe. I also like the women with period dresses cause they have shawls and aprons strings to chew on. I untied Mom Lori's apron and it fell off - hehe. I also made friends with Vic and Dave - they entertained me while Mom Lori was giving the milking demonstration with Gingerbread.
We were really tired when we got home, I even laid down in the car for a little while. I'm ready to do it again!

Bye!! ()

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

This is Arlo speaking - "we need rain! or snow! I know goats hate the wet weather, but the dust in the corrals is getting really bad. Everyone is cough and sneezing. Mom Lori is doing her best to get the top layer of loose stuff out, but it is really bad! I tried to help with the wheelbarrow, but I keep knocking it over. I can't figure out how to left both handles with my mouth. Please pray for rain - Mom Lori is also worried about how she would get us all out if there was a fire." Ok, so the goat chant for the week is - "Rain, rain, come this week!"

I'm also learning about the driving harness. It's kind of weird though, cause it goes over my nose and these things are hanging on me. But we've been practicing - Mom Lori says I'll get used to them and then we can go out in pubic and show everyone how smart and cute I am. We're going to the Littleton Historical Museum for their Dairy Day. My goat mom, Maggie, is going too. They want us to bring a milking goat and I get to go to keep Maggie company. I hear there will be lots of people - I LOVE people.

Gotta go! ()

P.S. That's my hoof print signature

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soap Making

Since I have several friends who live in Texas. I've decided to develop a line of soaps specifically for Texans. They will be in the shape of the state, a Texas star, cowboy hats and the goat soaper. "Goat Soaper" you ask? Ever heard of soap on a rope or of a goat roper? Well when you combine soap on a rope in the shape of a goat - you get "Goat Soaper".