Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kidlet Photos

One more doe

Baby Belle had a doe that is cream color with white spots. The light color must come from Baby Belle's sire who was a Saanan.

I knew Baby Belle would deliver on Friday. Nothing was happening at 2:00 so I went to my massage (badly needed). I told her I'd be back at 5:00. Well with traffic and such, it was 5:30. I rushed down to the barn to find a half dry baby. Baby Belle looks at me and says "You SAID 5:00! Now get in here and help me dry her off."
Her name is Aspen.

Open Barn Event Update

For those of you planning to attend the annual Open Barn Event on Sunday- it has been postponed. The weather on Sunday is supposed to be soggy and 40 degreeish. The goats hate the wet and there isn't a good place for everyone to be inside.
So I'm changing to both Sat May 3 and Sun May 4 from 2-4. Hopefully that will allow for everyone to come that wants to.

Please pass this along to anyone you told about this event.

Sorry I thought this was posted on Friday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And Rosie

Rosie had twins yesterday: one buck and one doe. She is one of only three who didn't need midwifing assistance this year.

Meet Trixie.

And on Easter

Tulip waited to give us Easter babies. This is Bunny Button and her brother.

Helen's boys

These are the two big bucks that Helen had.
Helen has a small frame and narrow hips, so this was hard on her. But she is recovering. She had her first kids last year without any trouble, but they were much smaller.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Behind in my postings

Several other kids born since last posting. Will try to catch up soon.

Helen had twin bucks today. Glad she went into labor before I left for the day, as they were very large and coming at the same time. It was hard on her, she has major muscle fatigue. Hoping we didn't displace a hip. Although she was able to stand and nurse this evening.
Still waiting for Tulip.....she's due today.

Photos later

Saturday, April 12, 2014

More babies

My name is Willow. My brother and I were born yesterday to our mom Brigette. We are a couple days early, but that's ok cause we're big.
 This is my brother, he's getting a drink.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My profile

I've been trying for months now to change the statement in my profile, but for whatever reason I'm stuck with what is written.

Still waiting for Charlette

Charlette was due on Saturday - we're still waiting......


Had to be gone for a few hours on Thursday. Molly and Marika appeared to be getting ready for birth later in the day, so I figured I had a few hours. They weren't actually even due until Saturday.
I can home to three surprises.
Marika had twin does and Molly had a single buck.

Photos of Molly  and story later.

Twin boys

Robin had twin bucks Wed evening about 7:30, just at the end of chores. They are all fine.

The foggy area in the lower photo is Robin breathing on the camera lens.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Waiting for Robin

Robin was due yesterday. I've been checking on her about every 3 hours throughout the night. She is an Oberhasli and they have narrow hips which can cause difficult deliveries. So I'm determined to be around to be the midwife.
She is Nevada and Marshall's mother. Remember the story of Marshall from two years ago? He was very tiny, couldn't suck or stand for 4 days. I wasn't sure that he would make it - but he DID!
Hoping we don't have a repeat of that situation. Don't want a bottle baby this early in the kidding season.

More photos

Nice afternoon nap.

Baby Belle and her granddaughter, Marigold.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First trip outside

It's way easier to go out the door than back inside!

Only two days late

Iona had a girl at 9:30 this morning. The little one wasn't moving out like she should have, so I had to go in and find her. Thanks to Bill W. for keeping Iona calm while I worked. But both are doing fine now.