Thursday, May 31, 2012


Finally, Tulip had her kid last evening! I thought she was due on May18- guess I was wrong. She had a big healthy buck. This will probably be the last time I breed Tulip. She has had kids three times, all large single bucks. These births are hard on her. She should continue to milk for 2-3 years anyway.

Now the only doe left to kid this year is Olivia. Olivia was born here, but now lives with my friend Maryanne's herd. This is Olivia's first kid so we will be watchful with her as well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Roll Call

And more kids in May.

May 4, Isabelle had twin girls, Virginia and Georgia.
 May 9, Annie had triplets, two males and a female (Penelope)
May 15, Shannon had twin girls, Carolina and Montana.

May 29, still waiting for Tulip.......

Kid Roll Call

Well kidding season is winding down. Only still waiting for Tulip to have her kids.
So here are the April babies:

April 12, Baby Belle had twins, a male and female (Freckles).
 April 17, Gingerbread had triplets, 2 males and a female (Daffodil).

April 23, Sunflower has one boy

April 25, Iceni has 3 boys 

April 30, Robin has twins, she keeps Nevada (female) and gives Marshall to me to raise.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"True Sisters"

Read an excellent book last week, "True Sisters" by Sandra Dallas. I've been a fan of Dallas' books for many years, but this book tops the list. Her books are historical fiction, but you can tell she does a tremendous amount of research on the topics.
"True Sisters" is about the last Mormon handcart emigrant journey across the plains. The story is horrific, because so much of it is true. The characters in the book are fiction of course, but they are based in reality.

Friday, May 18, 2012

HI! We're Back!!

Molly says "Hi!"
Think I figured out how to get the browser issue fixed so can post here again.