Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lori's Worldview

I've been reading the book "Amish Peace". The Amish never seem to be in a hurry, but they are always working. An Amish woman said - You do each job in turn and it takes as long as it takes. Hmmm, I like that philosophy.

Lori's Worldview

I'll try to catch you up on the summer activities. No pictures yet, as I still need to develop the film. No, I don't have a digital camera. It is better to take animal pictures with a film camera - the picture taking is quicker.

Anyway, the day-old baby chicks arrive in mid June. 25 Black Australorps, 10 Silver-Laced Wyandotts. I had ordered the new chicken coop kit a few weeks earlier, thinking it would be here in plenty of time to set it up and move the chicks from their brooder at about 1 month old. Well..... the coop took 6 weeks to arrive instead of 3 and it still had to be assembled. Needless to say the chicks outgrew their brooder BEFORE the coop was ready. With the help of Nancy and Trish we quickly built a small pen to give the chicklets some running room during the day.

Again with the help of Nancy and Trish the coop kit was assembled in one day, another day for the roofing and anotherfew hours for flight netting to cover the entire pen. Flight netting is wonderful to work with compared to chicken wire. It stretches and can be pulled tight. The chicklets could then be moved to their new quarters.

So time passes, the chicklets continue to grow. We are hearing funny "crowing" noises that sound more like a goat yelling. Finally a couple weeks ago, some real crowing! Now I'm checking for eggs everyday - none yet- but soon I hope!! I added the red heat lamp to the coop, just in time for the 15 degree frostly cold weekend. And then... the fox attack. In the middle of the day on that 15 degree freezing morning, a fox killed 7 of the young hens (the bantams are ok). Ok, so now I'm outside putting flight netting over the entire chicken run. Have to work on Monday, so didn't get all the chicken wire up around the panels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed at work. Monday evening everything is ok. Tuesday morning - as I'm doing chores - Matt one of the bantams roosters lets out this strange sound. I look to see TWO foxes right outside the chicken yard!! I run around the haystack and yell, they take off down the valley. I think ok- we're safe for the day - but NO and hour and a half later as I'm ready to head for the job I hear the dogs next door barking. I look out the window to se THE FOX coming down the fence line. I fly out the back door and down the hill (barefoot with the temperature about 30 degrees) - don't think my feet really touch the ground. By now the fox has hopped through the 6 inch square hole in the panel and has a chicken on the ground. Yelling like a banshee I scare the fox, who lets go of the chicken and tries to bolt out of the pen , is trapped momentarily then finds a hole out to the goat pen and away. The goats look rather surprised as this furry beast flies through their pen!

Anyway, the hen has a couple bites on her, but hopefully she will be ok. Used lavender oil on the wounds and gave her a drop of Rescue remedy in her mouth. Nancy came up and helped me ge chicken wire all around the pen. The chicken yard is like Fort Knox - it's even it bit hard to get in the gate. Hopefully we have foiled the foxes. We'll see if they show up again this morning....
to be continued

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lori's Worldview

Arlo and I have been taking a break from the computer stuff as much as possible this summer - we'd rather be outdoors! Hope to get this going again soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

It's me again, don't I look nice with a background of green grass :) . I finally learned the sun dance, so now the grass in the pasture is really growing. I remembered to do a rain dance last night - we go 1/2"! Mom Lori says we need to remember the rain dance all summer, so it stays green.

Ok, so about THE STRAY. He's a goat. His name is Darby and he is 9 weeks old. So here's the story. A person that Mom Lori works with said she had a friend who bought a baby goat as a pet for the children - Mistake #1. They don't have other goats or know anything about goats - mistake #2. They live in the city - mistake #3. They get him when he is only 3 weeks old and bottle feed him on COW'S MILK from the store - yuck! - mistake #4. Now he is bigger and is lonely cause he can't stay in the house, he makes friends with their dog, but yells when the dog goes inside. They leave him outside all by himself! - mistake #5. So now they don't know what to do with him. The original owners won't take him back, like they said they would - BAD PEOPLE, and they paid $85 for him!!! - mistake #6. SOOOOO now he lives here......grumble, grumble, grumble - mistake #7. The original agreement was that we would sell him at the end of the summer with the other wethers, but he's so friendly it might not work.
Mom Lori says I need to be nice to him because he needs a friend. He really is ok and I'm trying to be nice - but he is weird!! I thought I had an identity crisis - this guy has no clue he is a goat!
The triplets try to play with him, but he is more scared than friendly. He lives in the Oberli house at night, cause they are the least aggressive. He has to go into the hay barn to eat alfalfa otherwise he doesn't get enough to eat. AND HE GETS A BOTTLE!!! I wish I still could have a bottle.....
The other people's children were playing "butting" games with him - mistake #8. So now we have to teach him that you don't do that to people and you aren't supposed to jump on them either.
Darby has nice coloring - black with white ears and nose - Mom Lori said it's too bad he wasn't a girl so we could add that color to the herd.
So if anyone wants a weird pet goat .......

Bye, Ar ()

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Wow, lots of stuff going on around here. Let's see first Mattie had triplets and Gingerbread decided to help her (they're part of the Oberli family). Mom Lori says I need to explain who is the Oberli family. These are the Oberhaslis - they are Swiss dairy goats. They always come in brown with black trim. I'm a nubian, in case you didn't know. So Gingerbread is now feeding Robin (the girl). Gingerbread was still milking from her last kids BUT she is due to have kids herself in August - it's going to be interesting...hehe.

Then Annie Twinkletoes had triplets - lots of babies around here..... They're ok most of the time EXCEPT when people come to visit the barn! Everyone goes gahgah over the babies and IGNORES ME!!! I'm the friendly one... geez. Anyway the blond one is Cinnamon - we don't get kids her color very often. The last time was about 17 years ago - that was Cinnamon the first. She died a few years ago - so now we have another Cinnamon!!
Nancy came over on Monday to help Mom Lori fix something. First they had to fix the barn door that Brigit broke..... naughty Brigit!
Then they worked on taking apart the collapsed part of the chicken pen. While they were doing that Frances (a buff cochin hen) made a run for it. She climbed up a 2x4 and onto the chicken wire over the pen. It was really funny to watch Nancy and Mom Lori try to get her down..hehehe. Even after they got her down she try for an escape a couple more times - this time she to Frank and Millard with her - hahahahaha - it was really funny! THEN the best part was the mouse explosion. Nancy moved a straw bale away from the chicken house where it had been all winter and mice went EVERYWHERE!!!! And Nancy is scared of mice - it was really funny. The chickens caught a couple of them to eat - good protein - so much for the circle of life.
More later - I have to tell you about the stray - but I need to go chew my cud for awhile.
Ar ()

Monday, May 4, 2009

Goat Philosophy

Hi this is Annie, I'm the pregnant goat in front with horns. So goats hate snow - as Arlo has stated in the past - therefore the best way to get around is to follow Lori. Lori breaks trail and we all line up behind her. But then of course to get back to the barn, we are all in the way and no one wants to turn around in the deep snow, so Lori has to break trail back the other way. Works great for us!
By the way I'm due to have my kids on May 13th. It's my first time so I hope Lori is around to help. But if not my mother, Iona - she's the spotted one looking the other way- will be there. Also my Aunt Iceni (the white one behind me) will also be available. So I should be ok.
Bye, I need to go lie down.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Arlos' Worldview

Hi Everybody,

We had triplets born yesterday - they're Oberhaslis. They had to wear coats cause of the damp weather. I never got to wear a coat, I guess cause I lived inside the house. TeHe.

Anyway no pictures of the babies available yet, but here are some more pictures from the snow storm two weeks ago. The 3 pictures above are the chicken pen collapsing. The chickens were safe in their house.
I just love dancing - I guess I figured out the rain dance, since it didn't snow this weekend. Now I REALLY need to learn the Sun Dance - this cloudy weather is no fun!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Hey Everybody it's ME the Snow Dancer

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

WOW, I really gotta stop this snow dance. We had over 3 feet last week and I couldn't hardly even step out of the barn. And NOW it's slim!!! Even part of the chicken pen collapsed. I like eating fresh snow though. I'll be posting pictures soon.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Hi this is Arlo again.
So I've been doing this great snow dance - and it's working! We've had over three feet of snow in the month of April since I started this. BUT NOWWWWW everyone tells me I need to change to a rain dance instead of snow - good grief, I just got this pattern memorized.

So anyway it even grows flowers - Goat Milk soap flowers that is- hehe.... Mom Lori has made great flower soaps for Mother's Day. The are flower shapes in Lilac, Strawberry and Lemon Mint. There are also Spring soaps a Lime massage bar and peppermint or lavender lambs. Hmmmm I thought lambs came from ewes???
So if you want some soap send a comment with your email and Mom Lori will forward a list to you.

Bye - I gotta go run!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Even though we had almost two feet of snow we still went to visit at the Littleton Historical Museum dairy day. I went along to keep Gingerbread company. Mom Lori decided to take me and Gingerbread because we lead better than anyone else. BUT I didn't like being shut in the back of the Subaru with Gingerbread - I should have been up front with Mom Lori and Nancy. I don't really want to drive I just like to be with the people. So I complained loudly most of the trip. But the museum was fun - we walked around a lot and there were lots of people to pet me. I really like the little kids cause I can give them kisses in the face - hehe. I also like the women with period dresses cause they have shawls and aprons strings to chew on. I untied Mom Lori's apron and it fell off - hehe. I also made friends with Vic and Dave - they entertained me while Mom Lori was giving the milking demonstration with Gingerbread.
We were really tired when we got home, I even laid down in the car for a little while. I'm ready to do it again!

Bye!! ()

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

This is Arlo speaking - "we need rain! or snow! I know goats hate the wet weather, but the dust in the corrals is getting really bad. Everyone is cough and sneezing. Mom Lori is doing her best to get the top layer of loose stuff out, but it is really bad! I tried to help with the wheelbarrow, but I keep knocking it over. I can't figure out how to left both handles with my mouth. Please pray for rain - Mom Lori is also worried about how she would get us all out if there was a fire." Ok, so the goat chant for the week is - "Rain, rain, come this week!"

I'm also learning about the driving harness. It's kind of weird though, cause it goes over my nose and these things are hanging on me. But we've been practicing - Mom Lori says I'll get used to them and then we can go out in pubic and show everyone how smart and cute I am. We're going to the Littleton Historical Museum for their Dairy Day. My goat mom, Maggie, is going too. They want us to bring a milking goat and I get to go to keep Maggie company. I hear there will be lots of people - I LOVE people.

Gotta go! ()

P.S. That's my hoof print signature

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soap Making

Since I have several friends who live in Texas. I've decided to develop a line of soaps specifically for Texans. They will be in the shape of the state, a Texas star, cowboy hats and the goat soaper. "Goat Soaper" you ask? Ever heard of soap on a rope or of a goat roper? Well when you combine soap on a rope in the shape of a goat - you get "Goat Soaper".

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Soap Making

Well I better post something before you give up on me. I made more soap a couple weeks ago. The big hit has been the New Mint and Honey. It is an oval bar with a bee and flower imprint. It was just going to be a seasonal special, but it is so wonderful that I've decided to make it a regular fragrance.
I have listed the information about the soap. I don't have a website (yet), so if you would like to order send a comment with your email and I'll communicate with you directly. I promise to not release your comment with your email attached.


Our super-moisturizing soap is made with fresh goat’s milk, honey, various blends of olive, avocado, apricot kernel, soybean, tallow & coconut oils. Some blends contain only vegetable oils. We use only high quality essential oils.
Be aware that there is very little lather from all natural soaps (lather is made by adding chemicals).

St. Patrick’s Day – limited edition special
Lemongrass & Ginger round soaps with a shamrock imprint $ 5
Is It Spring Yet?
New Mint & Honey oval bars with a bee and flower imprint $5 - vegetable oils only
Large Easter Egg Shape soap in lime $6 – limited edition seasonal special

Introducing two new fragrances for the New Year:
Patchouli – all vegetable oils
$7 per bar
Cedarwood - $5 per bar

Standard fragrances available: $5 per bar or buy 6 and get the 7th one FREE
Lavender lemongrass
Lavender & Honey – for sensitive skin – vegetable oils only
Lavender sage
Lavender vanilla
Orange ginger – vegetable oils only
Lemongrass & Ginger
Rosemary lemongrass
Orange Clove - temporarily out of stock
Woodsman – rosemary, sage and pine – a scent even the guys will use
“Unscented” with no additives – vegetable oils only

The colors and sizes of the bars will vary as each bar is handmade and unique.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lori's Worldview

Yesterday I went to the Western National Stock Show. I go with a friend who used to own sheep so we have a great time drooling over the animals. The sheep dog trials are also a favorite of ours. But yesterday I rediscovered yaks. I enjoyed seeing them last year, but kind of forgot my infatuation with them. They have wonderful fiber, are docile and wonderful animals! I've now put them on my list of animals to own someday. Here is a website if you'd like to know more about them

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goat Philosophy

There are some rules I've learned over the years - they are rules the goats live by - let's say goat philosophy.

1. Always be very helpful especially when Lori is working in the corral. It is good to learn how to use her tools with your mouth.
2. Always do the exact OPPOSITE of what Lori wants you to do - unless it's part of the standard routine.
3. When Lori is trying to catch a particular goat, ALWAYS run interference.
4. If it is after dark and we are still outside - it is not safe to be put in the barn - RUN

There are some others, but these seem to be the main goat philosophies.

For example, last night as I went out to do chores I discovered that Isabelle (Arlo's grandmother) was in heat - so it was time to put her with the buck (Kendal). Well of course this game that we played for at least 20 minutes involved going around and around the corrals, but never through the gate to get access to Kendal. Isabelle was definitely interested, but I was not going to catch HER! Every time I'd get close enough to almost grab her collar, Arlo would tangle himself in my legs. I finally put Arlo out by the milking stand - which he yelled about, although usually he loves it out there. So then it was Maggie's (Arlo's goat mom and Isabelle's daughter) turn to run interference. She has excellent judgement as to when to dash directly in front of me.....
Finally I turned the whole milk goat herd into the next corral which then lead to a smaller pen next to Kendal. At that point most everyone was just sniffing around in the new area - which allowed me to close a gate and let Kendal in with Isabelle. You just have to be smarter than your average goat.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm Bernedette the Head of barn security - mouse catching department. I don't have much time for this blogging stuff, there are more important things that need my attention. However everyone needs to know about me, in case you come to visit: I like cat treats and goat's milk. But NEVER bring another cat with you. Lori tried to have Nelsen live in the barn - but I made sure to let everyone know that he belonged in the house - not the barn. Nelsen is that cat over there in the picture of Lori's bio. I'm much happier now that he stays out of the barn. I do tolerate Wendy, she cleans the old milk out of my bowl so I can have fresh. Gotta go - there's a mouse under the milking stand.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lori's Worldview

With the snow falling heavily and not being able to get out of our steep driveway, I think about the Navajo view in the book "Crossing Between Worlds":

"You're not supposed to go anywhere when the winter comes. You're just
supposed to stay home". And then the anthropologists' view "Be nice to live in a
place where the pace of life is supposed to parallel natural and biological

Maybe we should pay attention to this rhythm.

Arlo's Worldview

Hi! I'm Arlo, the exceptionally cute and friendly goat ambassador. I don't really know what an ambassabor is, but my human mom, Lori, says that's what I am. Actually I am very smart - I went to college with my mom for the first two weeks of my life.

So - I hate the snow! And I double hate rain - all goats do, you know. The problem is it's wet! The worst is I have to get wet in the snow, if I want to go out and do stuff with Lori - I decided to stay in the barn this morning instead :(

Here is a picture of me when I was about 6 weeks old. I wish my mom could still hold me like that, but she says I'm too heavy now.

I'll be introducing some of my friends around here as time goes along. Some of the milking goats don't like me very well though, they say I'm a spoiled brat!


I have been reminded by my chore dog, Wendy, that she has not been introduced yet. You can see her face at the bottom of the picture with Arlo.

Wendy is known as "The Great Mouse Killer" she will even dig them out. One time I picked up a 2x4 and four mice ran out, she caught everyone of them!

So a little about Wendy. I found her on a back country road in SE Colorado on New Year's Eve in 1995. She was about a 10 week old puppy at the time. From what she looks like we think she is part Corgi and maybe yellow lab??? She is a stocky, short-legged, 30#, food vacuum.

A couple of years later she crawled into the pig pen to eat food scraps and was almost eaten by the pigs! She had badly crushed femur and numerous bites, but she managed to get away and drag herself across the corral to where I was feeding the goats. Well she healed fine.

We almost lost her this last summer when she developed Cushings Disease, which when given the medication suddenly caused a crisis where she almost died. But thanks to the wonderful vets at Wheatridge Animal Hospital, she is still around and doing better that she had in couple of years. The Cushings Disease actually changed to Addison's disease and is easily controlled.

Wendy lives to help with chores. If I had trained her better, she might actually have been helpful in rounding up the goats - natural Corgi instinct I think. But as it is she tries, and usually does the opposite of what I need....

So some posts will be presented by Wendy, as well as Arlo. In fact there are many voices around here that may want to participate.

That's all for now, it's almost time for morning chores - which today won't be very fun since it's snowing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Soap

This is Shannon, one of my beautiful nubian milk goats. Shannon had twins this year: Nellie and a male that we won't be keeping. The kids are definitely old enough to be weaned - but right now I have plenty of milk without adding another to the twice daily milking job.

If it weren't for my "girls" I wouldn't have the milk to make goat's milk soap, which is what I've been doing the last two Saturdays. Soap making is messy and an all day project. It was time however to restock from the holidays. This year for Valentine's Day we have created 3 new limited edition fragrances. As it cured from last week the "chocolate vanilla" turned a dark brown - it looks and smells like a brownie! I'm excited to see how the "chocolate" and "chocolate peppermint" turn out.

We have also added two more fragrances to the list of regulars : "patchouli" and "cedarwood". All the regular fragrances had to be restocked as well.
I will be adding a link where you can order these super moisturizing goat milk soaps.

Thanks for visiting - Arlo says "hi".

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to the Goat Farm

Happy New Year and welcome to Westfarm Goats new blog. We'll be telling you about the adventures of goat farming and all the products available. Arlo the goat ambassador will be adding his comments every so often as well. This farm is a small, one woman operation so I like the question posed in Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"

"Is Bigger Really Better? Which are more economically productive, small
family farms or big industrial farms? Most people assume they know the answer,
and make a corollary assumption: that small farmers are basically asking to go
bankrupt, they're inefficent even though their operations are probably more
environmentally responsible, sustainable, diverse, and better connected to their
communities than the big farms are."

Even though I'm not near as far along in the process of sustainability as I'd like to be, I'm working at it and we dream alot.