Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Hi this is Arlo again.
So I've been doing this great snow dance - and it's working! We've had over three feet of snow in the month of April since I started this. BUT NOWWWWW everyone tells me I need to change to a rain dance instead of snow - good grief, I just got this pattern memorized.

So anyway it even grows flowers - Goat Milk soap flowers that is- hehe.... Mom Lori has made great flower soaps for Mother's Day. The are flower shapes in Lilac, Strawberry and Lemon Mint. There are also Spring soaps a Lime massage bar and peppermint or lavender lambs. Hmmmm I thought lambs came from ewes???
So if you want some soap send a comment with your email and Mom Lori will forward a list to you.

Bye - I gotta go run!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Arlo -- thanks for the snow, it made the frist three days of my retreat just perfect! And way to hold off until I got safely to my destination. You are one gifted little goat...