Sunday, August 16, 2015


Not a bad garlic harvest considering it was all volunteer. Had too much happening last fall when I should have planted my garlic.

Catching up with the farm

As always there are about a hundred projects to work on during the summer on the farm. I pretty much spend the summer working on things to get ready for winter. It is the goal to have everything more efficiently setup, so that winter chores are easier.
Here are some of the projects completed.

  Real gate to the 3 stall chicken house.
Real gate to another chicken house.

 Remodeled chicken house to make it a two story condo. Roosts are up above. Food, water and nesting boxes are on the lower level. Still need to add better hinges to the door.
Real gate to the goat pen. Previously I've just had pieces of fencing panels wired to a post. These gates are on hinges, with a kick plate on the bottom to keep them at least sort of above the snow.

Inside of the new goat barn. It needs some cracks filled in and paint on the outside, but otherwise it is ready fro winter.