Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

Wow, lots of stuff going on around here. Let's see first Mattie had triplets and Gingerbread decided to help her (they're part of the Oberli family). Mom Lori says I need to explain who is the Oberli family. These are the Oberhaslis - they are Swiss dairy goats. They always come in brown with black trim. I'm a nubian, in case you didn't know. So Gingerbread is now feeding Robin (the girl). Gingerbread was still milking from her last kids BUT she is due to have kids herself in August - it's going to be interesting...hehe.

Then Annie Twinkletoes had triplets - lots of babies around here..... They're ok most of the time EXCEPT when people come to visit the barn! Everyone goes gahgah over the babies and IGNORES ME!!! I'm the friendly one... geez. Anyway the blond one is Cinnamon - we don't get kids her color very often. The last time was about 17 years ago - that was Cinnamon the first. She died a few years ago - so now we have another Cinnamon!!
Nancy came over on Monday to help Mom Lori fix something. First they had to fix the barn door that Brigit broke..... naughty Brigit!
Then they worked on taking apart the collapsed part of the chicken pen. While they were doing that Frances (a buff cochin hen) made a run for it. She climbed up a 2x4 and onto the chicken wire over the pen. It was really funny to watch Nancy and Mom Lori try to get her down..hehehe. Even after they got her down she try for an escape a couple more times - this time she to Frank and Millard with her - hahahahaha - it was really funny! THEN the best part was the mouse explosion. Nancy moved a straw bale away from the chicken house where it had been all winter and mice went EVERYWHERE!!!! And Nancy is scared of mice - it was really funny. The chickens caught a couple of them to eat - good protein - so much for the circle of life.
More later - I have to tell you about the stray - but I need to go chew my cud for awhile.
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  1. Don't worry, Arlo, I'm coming next week to see YOU!!

  2. Thanks Anne! It's been weird around here, particularly with Darby. Oh yah, you don't know who Darby is. I make another post and explain THE STRAY.