Sunday, May 3, 2009

Arlos' Worldview

Hi Everybody,

We had triplets born yesterday - they're Oberhaslis. They had to wear coats cause of the damp weather. I never got to wear a coat, I guess cause I lived inside the house. TeHe.

Anyway no pictures of the babies available yet, but here are some more pictures from the snow storm two weeks ago. The 3 pictures above are the chicken pen collapsing. The chickens were safe in their house.
I just love dancing - I guess I figured out the rain dance, since it didn't snow this weekend. Now I REALLY need to learn the Sun Dance - this cloudy weather is no fun!


  1. Dear Arlo -- I have pictures of me holding you when you were little, and you were wearing a coat, because we were outside! I will try to remember to send your mom a copy so you can see.

  2. OH NO - you mean I wore a coat too??!! How embarrassing.......