Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

It's me again, don't I look nice with a background of green grass :) . I finally learned the sun dance, so now the grass in the pasture is really growing. I remembered to do a rain dance last night - we go 1/2"! Mom Lori says we need to remember the rain dance all summer, so it stays green.

Ok, so about THE STRAY. He's a goat. His name is Darby and he is 9 weeks old. So here's the story. A person that Mom Lori works with said she had a friend who bought a baby goat as a pet for the children - Mistake #1. They don't have other goats or know anything about goats - mistake #2. They live in the city - mistake #3. They get him when he is only 3 weeks old and bottle feed him on COW'S MILK from the store - yuck! - mistake #4. Now he is bigger and is lonely cause he can't stay in the house, he makes friends with their dog, but yells when the dog goes inside. They leave him outside all by himself! - mistake #5. So now they don't know what to do with him. The original owners won't take him back, like they said they would - BAD PEOPLE, and they paid $85 for him!!! - mistake #6. SOOOOO now he lives here......grumble, grumble, grumble - mistake #7. The original agreement was that we would sell him at the end of the summer with the other wethers, but he's so friendly it might not work.
Mom Lori says I need to be nice to him because he needs a friend. He really is ok and I'm trying to be nice - but he is weird!! I thought I had an identity crisis - this guy has no clue he is a goat!
The triplets try to play with him, but he is more scared than friendly. He lives in the Oberli house at night, cause they are the least aggressive. He has to go into the hay barn to eat alfalfa otherwise he doesn't get enough to eat. AND HE GETS A BOTTLE!!! I wish I still could have a bottle.....
The other people's children were playing "butting" games with him - mistake #8. So now we have to teach him that you don't do that to people and you aren't supposed to jump on them either.
Darby has nice coloring - black with white ears and nose - Mom Lori said it's too bad he wasn't a girl so we could add that color to the herd.
So if anyone wants a weird pet goat .......

Bye, Ar ()


  1. Darby is so lucky to have found home with Arlo and all of your goats. Good luck with him. I might be coming with A. on Wed. We both need some baby goat therapy. The grief about Pumpkinseed is sinking in. It comes in waves. Dodger (our other cat) is pretty sad as well.
    Thanks again for your notes of care and sympathy.

    Nancy R.

  2. Arlo, you're such a kind goat to be nice to Darby and teach him how to be a proper goat. And so handsome with the green background! By the way, did you add "hail" steps to your rain dance? Cuz we got hail along with the thunderstorm today -- you are so talented!

  3. You know, I think I did add some new steps to the dance. I guess that's why it hailed here too. And Mom Lori just moved the cabbage and peppers plants to the garden. Luckily they were partially covered with milk jugs! Not too much damage.
    Glad you're both coming up to visit on Wednesday! Too bad you can't bring Dodger for goat therapy - but I guess that wouldn't work very well. Bernedette would get really mad!