Monday, May 4, 2009

Goat Philosophy

Hi this is Annie, I'm the pregnant goat in front with horns. So goats hate snow - as Arlo has stated in the past - therefore the best way to get around is to follow Lori. Lori breaks trail and we all line up behind her. But then of course to get back to the barn, we are all in the way and no one wants to turn around in the deep snow, so Lori has to break trail back the other way. Works great for us!
By the way I'm due to have my kids on May 13th. It's my first time so I hope Lori is around to help. But if not my mother, Iona - she's the spotted one looking the other way- will be there. Also my Aunt Iceni (the white one behind me) will also be available. So I should be ok.
Bye, I need to go lie down.


  1. that's a GREAT picture, them all lined up like that. I'm surprised with all that snow you can actually *see* the oberlis back there...

  2. The Oberlis are actually walking on top of the snow.