Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Soap

This is Shannon, one of my beautiful nubian milk goats. Shannon had twins this year: Nellie and a male that we won't be keeping. The kids are definitely old enough to be weaned - but right now I have plenty of milk without adding another to the twice daily milking job.

If it weren't for my "girls" I wouldn't have the milk to make goat's milk soap, which is what I've been doing the last two Saturdays. Soap making is messy and an all day project. It was time however to restock from the holidays. This year for Valentine's Day we have created 3 new limited edition fragrances. As it cured from last week the "chocolate vanilla" turned a dark brown - it looks and smells like a brownie! I'm excited to see how the "chocolate" and "chocolate peppermint" turn out.

We have also added two more fragrances to the list of regulars : "patchouli" and "cedarwood". All the regular fragrances had to be restocked as well.
I will be adding a link where you can order these super moisturizing goat milk soaps.

Thanks for visiting - Arlo says "hi".

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