Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been reminded by my chore dog, Wendy, that she has not been introduced yet. You can see her face at the bottom of the picture with Arlo.

Wendy is known as "The Great Mouse Killer" she will even dig them out. One time I picked up a 2x4 and four mice ran out, she caught everyone of them!

So a little about Wendy. I found her on a back country road in SE Colorado on New Year's Eve in 1995. She was about a 10 week old puppy at the time. From what she looks like we think she is part Corgi and maybe yellow lab??? She is a stocky, short-legged, 30#, food vacuum.

A couple of years later she crawled into the pig pen to eat food scraps and was almost eaten by the pigs! She had badly crushed femur and numerous bites, but she managed to get away and drag herself across the corral to where I was feeding the goats. Well she healed fine.

We almost lost her this last summer when she developed Cushings Disease, which when given the medication suddenly caused a crisis where she almost died. But thanks to the wonderful vets at Wheatridge Animal Hospital, she is still around and doing better that she had in couple of years. The Cushings Disease actually changed to Addison's disease and is easily controlled.

Wendy lives to help with chores. If I had trained her better, she might actually have been helpful in rounding up the goats - natural Corgi instinct I think. But as it is she tries, and usually does the opposite of what I need....

So some posts will be presented by Wendy, as well as Arlo. In fact there are many voices around here that may want to participate.

That's all for now, it's almost time for morning chores - which today won't be very fun since it's snowing.

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