Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arlo's Worldview

This is Arlo speaking - "we need rain! or snow! I know goats hate the wet weather, but the dust in the corrals is getting really bad. Everyone is cough and sneezing. Mom Lori is doing her best to get the top layer of loose stuff out, but it is really bad! I tried to help with the wheelbarrow, but I keep knocking it over. I can't figure out how to left both handles with my mouth. Please pray for rain - Mom Lori is also worried about how she would get us all out if there was a fire." Ok, so the goat chant for the week is - "Rain, rain, come this week!"

I'm also learning about the driving harness. It's kind of weird though, cause it goes over my nose and these things are hanging on me. But we've been practicing - Mom Lori says I'll get used to them and then we can go out in pubic and show everyone how smart and cute I am. We're going to the Littleton Historical Museum for their Dairy Day. My goat mom, Maggie, is going too. They want us to bring a milking goat and I get to go to keep Maggie company. I hear there will be lots of people - I LOVE people.

Gotta go! ()

P.S. That's my hoof print signature


  1. we're praying for rain, too, Arlo! Maybe once you get the hang of the harness you can pull a cart around for your Mom Lori to help her clean out your houses!

  2. Arlo's dance was effective, we not only got a bit of rain last week but a snow storm! Keep dancing Arlo!

    Nancy R.

  3. So now Arlo is complaining because the snow is wet and deep.....