Thursday, April 4, 2013

And now there are nine!

The kids are popping out here about every 12 hours, mostly mid morning and just before dark.
Easter Sunday 7:30 pm Strawberry had twins - a buck and a doe named Beatrix

Monday morning 7:00 am - Flower had been in labor a long time. I hadn't check frequently enough. She was worn out and the first kid a buck was stuck inside her - dead. But after pulling him out, here came a little doe (now known as Marigold). She was a bit cold so I brought her inside to warm up. Flower's legs had muscle fatigue and she had trouble standing. But now both are fine.

I'm now checking on the girls every 4-5 hours or more at night and every couple hours during the day. All of these does are first time mom's and all except Strawberry have had some trouble with the first kid.

Wed 9:00 am - DeJa (the human) is helping me with chores. She draws the lucky straw today as Marika goes into labor while she is still here. Marika delivers to bucks.

To be continued.... need to go check on Yentl.

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