Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SPRING IS HERE! - I hope.....

Its spring, I'm on break between semesters, and the sun is warm!
Well, since the snow and rain last week, the corrals are a mucky mess again. However, the weather is getting warmer, the sun was warm on my back as I worked with the goats. It's time for cleaning the corrals. Many of the gates were bound up with ice last March, then the hay and mud worked their way up against them, to make them totally nonfunctional. I've been climbing fences to feed some of the goats. Not so bad for me, I've climbed corral fences all my life. However, many of my friends don't have the life experience and lets face it, we're not as agile as we used to be..... I don't bound over the fences like I did even 10 years ago.

So since the days are warmer and the sun is out (at least part of the time), I've started digging out some of the worst areas. I spend about a hour each morning with the wheelbarrow and take 5 or 6 loads out. Brigitt can now be accessed through a gate again! And Lars' gate should be freed up this morning. The goats love it - they get to go out on the pasture while I clean their pens.

The chickens get to roam the green grass again. It's fun to look down on the pasture from the deck and see the little black tail feathers racing across the green. The 3 barn cats were even playing amongst the chickens down there (and no they weren't hunting chicken dinner). I started waiting until noon to let them out, I think they were finding other places besides their chicken house to lay their eggs. A couple days ago there were only 8 (the usual is 15-18). Very suspicious.....

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