Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing Bantams eggs

So I thought the heat was causing the bantam hens to lay fewer eggs (seems to be the case with the other hens), but last night peeking out from under their house was Thelma (a mottled cochin hen). She was sitting on a nice little next of eggs. Moved her and the eggs inside so they wouldn't be fox food. Hope some of the eggs hatch!


  1. I thought they were on strike or something. The Bantams were have too much fun while you were away, got out of their coop, hang out with the goats and run with the kids, then they had us chase them for a long time until finally I got a good hold of them including that rooster! (by the way I had a good talk with him after he attacked Anne:)


  2. I also fell in love with Olivia and Chris. They are SO cute, tender, and playful.

  3. They are very sweet kids, guess I need to get some pictures of them posted.