Friday, November 5, 2010

Arlo's Worldview

Hi! It's me Arlo ()

Anne was up visiting last night and she said I had been too quiet on the blog - guess I've been slacking letting Mom Lori do the work.

I was having fun teasing Hans while Anne was here. Hans has been crazy all day (he is the new guy - Swiss Alpine, the same age as Christopher, so he's still a kid) Boy does he think he is something though...... Some of the girls have been in heat and so all the bucks are really fragrant. Glad I don't smell like that - no one would want to hug me! Mom Lori let us into the pen closer to the bucks so we could have more running room. Hans was making the crazy buck noises at me, sticking out his tongue and hanging his head through the fence. I was teasing him by getting just close enough that he could almost touch me - BUT NOT, hehe. I think I smell like the girls, since of course I live with them. I was pretending to head butt him but stayed far enough from the fence that he could touch me - hehe - it was funny...

More later ()

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