Thursday, October 27, 2011

When I'm old....

When I'm old I want to be like this sweet lady we met at the Taos Farmer's Market. She was telling us about this New Mexico squash. It is a native wild squash that has been domesticated. People like her have been saving the seeds and planting this squash for decades. You could tell from the way she talked, that she loved her squash - that sounds strange, but she radiated a wonderful feeling when talking about them. The price was based on the size of your dinner plate at home. If it was larger or smaller than your plate, the squash was a particular price. Nancy and I of course had to each buy one :)

So no, I don't plan on selling squash at a farmer's market when I'm old, but there was something magical in the way she talked about her squash. Guess I feel the same about my goats.

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