Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Been crazy around here

June was a crazy month. Kidding season ended with 19 kids born. Two batches of day old chicks were delivered (total about 58). They are a month different in age. I've had help cleaning corrals, so been on that a couple days a week. Some alfalfa was delivered. Starting to stock up early this year. Could be a major shortage due to the drought. Currently have enough to make it through the next six months.

The major disruption has been the cleanup of the property for fire mitigation. Also have been packing up valuables and have the bugout bag ready to go if we have to evacuate. No major fires have been close to us except for the one in March, but it is soooo dry. It only takes one careless person or a lightning strike to set the mountain on fire. We have had a few tenths of rain in the last week but not near enough. They say we may see the monsoons start on Friday! Hope they last for several weeks like usual.

Have been developing an evacuation plan for the goats. If there is enough time, say 1/2 a day, I could get everyone out. But if there is less time......
So a wonderful friend Todd, has allowed me to move 16 goats to his farm. They live on the plains by Greeley. Even though it is incredibly dry there also, at least it a grass fire is easier to stop.
More about the goat move later.
Now I could probably get everyone out in two trips.
Does anyone know of a 4 horse/stock trailer for sale??? It doesn't need to be new or fancy, just sturdy.

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