Monday, March 4, 2013


Tom helped me move the hay stack from in front of the barn inside yesterday. There is still too much snow to drive the truck to the other stacks. So as we took the tarps off, what should appear but a huge nest of frozen eggs! The young hens had been laying in there. I knew they were messing around inside the tarp, but for some reason didn't think to look for eggs. Further into the stack we found a second nest. A total of 57 eggs!


  1. Wow, that's a whole lot of eggs to find. And they were all frozen? I still have dreams where I find huge nests of eggs. Those crazy chickens.You should leave a few eggs there with an X on them so they'll maybe keep laying there.

  2. All were frozen. The chickens haven't been out of their yard for over 10 days because of the snow, so all the eggs are at least that old. The haystack has now been moved into the barn, so they will be confused when let out again anyway. I'm hoping they will have acquired the habit of laying in the nesting boxes by then.