Monday, September 2, 2013

Molly and I

Molly and I spent Saturday at the Humphrey Museum and Memorial Park in Evergreen. They were having their annual Hay Day event. Since Molly was a bottle baby, I'm her mom and she loves to spend time just with me. She loads easily in the car and walks on a leash. We walked the grounds talking to visitors about the benefits of dairy goats. We climbed the stairs to talk to the volunteers passing out cookies (Molly wasn't allowed a cookie - she ate pine needles instead). We rode in the hay wagon and listened to the Original Cow-Boy Band from Idaho Springs. It was a great time!

The younger goats in the background are the two that I donated to the museum a couple months ago. Betsy and Apricot are doing very well and are well tended by the museum director and staff..

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