Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Farm Update

I was at my neighbor, Doug's house at 7:00 this morning. He lives a mile further up the road from us. We were loading his 4 goats into the car to bring to my house. His place is under attack by bears - a mother and 3 cubs. Luckily they only got his 4 turkeys and 12 laying hens, not any goats. But they have been there a couple of times and tore off the roof to his chicken pen and broke through a window. His remaining layers and a hen turkey are now also residing here as well.
The damage the bears did are making me rethink the security of my barns. The main difference is that Doug's property is in the trees and backs up against a mountain park. So he is at the interface with bear country. This is where we are luck, being in a meadow.
Hope the bears go into hibernation soon!

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