Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keeping everyone warm

It is a challenge to keep everyone warm enough when the temperature is -12.
Took warm water, hot oatmeal and sausage(organic of course) out to the chickens this morning - all seem ok, but glad to have the hot food. And no, my chickens are not vegetarians, they also eat mice and bugs when possible.
Goats have extra alfalfa and grain in their barns. Will take warm water down in alittle while. I'll be milking with silk glove liners on - ohhhh I wish for a milking parlor heated to 35 degrees....

You know you have too many clothes on when it is this cold and you start to sweat. Silk long underwear top, turtleneck, hoodie and carhartt coat are too much. Think I'll ditch the hoodie.

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