Friday, February 4, 2011

Piles of goats

Usually by the time I get the barn door open in the morning all the goats are standing waiting to be let out, but since its been so cold they don't hop up as quickly. On Wednesday morning it was -17 (but the sun was out!) I opened one barn door and there was a goat pile in each of the three corners. The first thing I saw was Christopher's and Dash's heads peeking over the back of their mother. I didn't get much chance to observe as they did stand up pretty quickly. I did see that they were laying in family groups. You would think that they would all pile together to stay warm, but no it is strictly kinship groups. In one corner was Susie and her daughter Avalon. The next corner had Iceni and her kids, Nutmeg, Christopher and Dash. The third corner had Isabelle and her family: Maggie, Arlo and Josephine.

Another thing I learned this week - don't leave the black water buckets full of water overnight in minus degree weather and expect to pop the ice out in the morning. No jumping on the buckets would release the ice this time. Some of the ice is falling out now that the temp reached in the plus 20s yesterday.

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