Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Full moons and goats

There is crazy goat behavior during a full moon. When I go to do chores in the evenings of a full moon, even though it is still light and the moon isn't up yet, there is still an influence.

So last night, two goats (Owen and Brigitt) forced their way out the gate under my feet as I went in with the hay. Then all seven (the fuzzy family) were out dashing around the pasture! They were eating some of the nice green grass, but mostly they were just running around. I let them play for a few minutes while feeding those in other pens. Finally corralled Melanie, Missy, Junebug and Firefly, putting them in their house. At that point Owen, Nelsen and Brigitt came in pretty easily and went to bed. :) It was a fun game......

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