Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sad news

Yesterday morning I opened the barn door to find Rosie dead. She probably died of bloat in the night. The worst part is that she was due to kid in 10 days :(
I considered opening her up to try and save the kids, but it had been too long and there was no movement of any kind.
Rosie narrowly escaped a bear attack at Claire's house last September, she then came back here to live. Lilac is her twin sister. Rosie's daughter Lucy, still lives at Claire's house about 10 miles from here, and has been very freaked out the last couple evenings. Do you suppose she knows?
We will miss you Rose, you were a sweet non assuming goat.


  1. So sorry to hear about Rosie and her kids. I know it was a sad day for all of you. You are in our prayers, Sheila

  2. so sorry for your lost of Rosie Lori. Sending you love.

  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts :) Part of having animals is losing them, and although it is never easy, some are worse than others. When I lost Herbie in February, I had time to adjust to the idea as he was old and he helped me prepare for his passing. It is the sudden deaths of the young and healthy that are the hardest. In the 22 years of owned goats, I've only lost 6 to bloat. If you are present when it starts you can usually save them, but you only have about an hour window.