Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking forward to a new year

As the new year starts I'm evaluating my projects and plans for the farm.I have several ideas for this spring.
1. Hatching baby chicks - this year instead of buying day old chicks, I'm going to see if I can get the hens to hatch their own. I kept the Speckled Sussex rooster (his name is Eldridge). I will isolate him with some of my 9 Speckled Sussex hens. I really like this breed, they talk a lot.

2. I was reading the blog of the Chicken Chick, about Olive colored eggs . She says breeding a dark brown egg layer with an Ameraucana (or Easter Egger) will produce layers with this color egg. I just happen to still have the young Ameraucana rooster from this years chicks. So will breed him with the Welsummer hens (unless we eat him first - he is a mean rooster).

3. Baby goats will be arriving starting April 4. I'm very excited about these first ones as they will be Socrates first kids. He bred several of the yearling does that are half Alpine. Hoping these girls will be good milkers. The daughters of these pairings should be excellent milkers as Socrates comes from grand champion milker lineage. The sire of the does was Hans, who's mother was a heavy milker as well.

4. Making soap tomorrow. These are the Valentine soaps and a new product line of special ingredient soaps (more about these later).

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