Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Frizz

Well the weather is wamring up - should be in the 40s all week. The glacier under the corrals has has turned to glacial mush. And yesterday I took the Frizz rooster back outside. He has fully regained his feathers and I believe was getting tired of his small yard in the sunroom.
I carried him out in the cat carrier and set it down outside te chicken yard. He could hardly stand it and until I could open the door for him. In the chicken yard he burst out the door and started pecking around. I let the others out and they were more interested in the straw from the carrier.

So last night I had planned on bring him in, but he was all snuggled into a spot, so I just left him with the rest of the bantams.
I'll kind of miss the loud crowing coming from the basement every morning.

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