Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goat Time

I think the time change is the dumbest concept. "Daylight Savings" doesn't save daylight it only moves it to the evening. For those of us that have animals (even just dogs), you live at least partially on animal time. The goat's looked at me like I'd lost my mind this morning when I showed up an hour early. This evening won't be a big deal to them, as I'll be down there working about an hour and a half before dark - only for me I'll have to fix supper before chores rather than after. Around here chore time revolves around daylight hours and the goats know it. We follow the nature daylight of the changing seasons - now if we could just get the rest of the US to realize how much they are manipulated. Our bodies all feel the shift - there are more car accidents the first few mornings after a time change.

The Amish and other plain people like them have it figured out - they run on "slow time" - "the preservation of the natural markers of dawn, noon, and dusk" page 70 from the book "Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Brende

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