Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Snow Storms

Remember last year when we had the heavy April snow storm and the chicken pen collapsed - refer to the posting 5/3/09 - well I'm happy to report that the two - 2 foot heavy wet snow we've had this past week have NOT damaged the newly built pens/coops. Even the flight netting is doing better than chicken wire overhead.

Thanks Trish and Nancy for helping build a great chicken home last summer!

Coop under construction.

Flight netting is great to pull over the top of the pens.

Now for this spring projects we need to fix the gate between the large hens and the bantams so that the netting doesn't get caught ever time you open it.
Also Anderson has been making holes in the netting where it drapes into the goat pen. It seems to be great fun to rub your horns around in the netting and then tear... hope the foxes don't find these openings!

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