Monday, April 26, 2010

Arlo's Worldview

Hi it's Arlo again. Honestly I'm not doing a snow dance! It snowed all day Friday and Saturday morning - the really wet heavy stuff - about a foot. Mom Lori had to knock snow off the chicken netting over the coops FIVE times. She says this netting is better than the chicken wire, as it stretches, although the coop needs a few repairs.
Then one of Iceni's triplets got hypothermia. I guess he didn't get started with enough milk and then it got cold and wet. So he was in the house for a couple of days - seems to be doing fine now. He is eating from Iceni better now, so he'll probably be staying outside. His name is Christopher.
I'm going back to bed - it snowed another 4" last night - yuck mud!

Later! Ar ()

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