Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arlo's Worldview

Yawnnn..... this is Arlo.
I'm still tired from yesterday. Went with Mom Lori to her college for the Earth Day events (remember I spent my first two weeks of life there), so it was fun going back to see everyone. At first I was a bit nervous since we had to walk across this big pasture and there weren't any other goats. Finally when we got closer to the building I could see that there were people, so I wanted to run towards them!
We were there about 4 hours standing around talking to people about the advantages of goats for a local sustainable food supply. Everyone loves to have their picture taken with me :)
I sampled some of Mom Lori's lunch - it was mac and cheese from Noodles. YUCK! It's made with COW cheese. The grass there isn't very tasty either. I nibbled on some dry leaves, tried for some red tulips (boy those really looked good - too bad Mom Lori wouldn't let me near them).
The only thing I don't like is jumping into the car - so Mom Lori always has to get help to lift me in. It was a fun day - but I was tired. Never got to lye down all day.
When we got home, Mom Lori had to rush off and help her friend Emily with Marika's kidding. It was Marika's first time and Emily was nervous. Marika is a nice big black and white nubian, which is a good thing cause she had FOUR kids!! But darn they were all bucks. Emily might end up bottle feeding one or two and Mom Lori said that Iona has lots of extra milk if she needs.
So when Mom Lori gets back from Emily's house - SURPRISE! Iceni had triplets - she wasn't due until Saturday. One little guy had managed to wander half way down the corral and was being watched over by Fiona ( you know - the scary sheep). So many babies (hit forehead with my hoof) not sure what I'm going to do with all of them - you know my job is to be the uncle.

So Mom Lori had to rearrange all of us for sleeping last night cause of all the new kids. So I didn't sleep very well; kids making noises and I wasn't in my usual stall - had to sleep with DARBY!

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  1. Arlo, you made me laugh out loud with your adventures! Hope you're all rested up today!

  2. I'm not so tired now, but now it's snowing! Which means I'll be staying inside - goats don't like the wet, you know. I promise I didn't do the snow dance like last year!