Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mandy's worldview

Hi, I'm Mandy - you see me here doing my yoga stretches. I had my first kids last Friday evening. The other does and I are coordinating are labor to start at 7 pm, so that Mom Lori is almost done with chores and then can be around for moral support. We're trying to make it easy on her and not have kids in the middle of the night.
My labor lasted about 2 hours and I had two nice little bucks. I hear that my labor went well and there were no problems, but it was really scary. This is the first time I've had kids, but mom Lori and my goat mom Avalon were there, so I was ok. Also my new owner Maryanne (one of mom Lori's friends) was also there.
Everyone is doing well, but my boys keep running around and playing with the other kids. It makes me nervous when they don't stay right with me.

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